Sunny Side Series

Sunny Side Report is a collection of blog posts that focuses on specific topics. The series strives to promote resources, supports, ideas, and create space for deeper conversations pertaining to the topic of the series at the time. Check out our current Series below:


Embracing Joy

Life consists of a variety of choices. One of the biggest choices you have in life is the choice to be able to see joy everyday and experience it. This is a series of blogs that focuses on helping you find and embrace the joy that exists all around you, even if you cannot see it yet. 


Health & Fitness

Follow me on my own journey of health and fitness. I am a lifelong athlete who has played a variety of sports including Water Polo, Swim, Rugby, and CrossFit. I have landed myself a new found love for functional fitness, and now have a goal of helping others, especially those with disabilities, find theirs too. Living a healthy lifestyle does not always have to be hard. Finding a balance between the pleasures of life and striving to be the best you is possible!