My Why

My name is Alysia Lay and I am grateful and happy you are here. 
As an individual I am deeply grounded in helping people.
This can be mentally, physically, and spiritually.
Before I jump into my WHY, here is a little about me:

As a human I am deeply rooted in trying to live every day in the present. Understanding joy is a choice, and that embracing joy in our lives can be hard work, but extremely freeing. 

As a Special Educator at heart, I am very passionate about supporting individuals with disabilities find, develop, and experience meaningful lives. Through my teaching career, I have developed many skills, collected resources, and believe I am a valuable support to fellow educators, families, and youth as a whole. 

As an Athlete and Coach I have landed myself a new found love for functional fitness. I have my CrossFit Level 1 and Adapted CrossFit Certification, my Adapted Physical Education Credential, and Adapted Personal Training Certification for Individuals with Disabilities. I believe all individuals should have a space to exercise, practice healthy habits, and grow. 

Now WHY am I here?

My hope is that I can help you.

Sunny Side Fitness is dedicated to creating space for all people, especially individuals with disabilities and adapted needs, to grow in their independence, community, and health and fitness. At Sunny Side Fitness we deeply believe that FITNESS IS FOR ALL! 

If you have been waiting for someone to say YES to you, I will.

YES, I believe in you and, YES, you CAN do it!

Now, let's get started! 

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