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For everyone 2020 has been a roller coaster of a year already, and it ain't over. 

As the new school year begins online, new obstacles arise. If teaching did not have enough hurdles as it is, add in wonky wifi and feeling like you're learning to teach again.

The reality of the situation is that even though everything seems different, it really isn't.

Whether you're a Special Educator like me, or Regular Ed, patience is a huge part of being a teacher. 

It is commonly taught in Special Education to give a student around 8 seconds to respond to a question, leaving the student time to process the information being provided and form a response. After the 8 seconds is up, if the student has not yet provided a response, you may offer another prompt and go from there. 

This 8 seconds is vital in the way that it leaves space for students to properly use their cognitive skills to interact with information being presented.

For this 8 seconds to occur, a teacher has to have patience.

This week I realized that the skill of patience does not go away when teaching virtually, but solely is heightened.

Now more than ever we need to have patience as educators. 

Patience with our students, our student's families, and more importantly with ourselves. 

Virtual patience is a real skill right now. This means waiting while you send the meeting link to a student for the 3rd time today. It looks like understanding that some days your students will not even attend your meetings, even though you planned a whole lesson. And it for sure still equates to you leaving space for your students to tell you how their day was or ramble on about some movie they like.


We are still processing our new learning reality and we are still figuring out our response. 

Give yourself grace. Teach from a place of love & give yourself and your students patience every step of the way. 

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    I needed this today. You’re amazing!

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