What is an aspiration without aspiring?

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We all have things we want to achieve. Whether that is big or small, right?

Maybe it is a habit we want to implement into our personal life, a practice we want to add to our profession, or maybe, it is a beautiful vision of something we think our life could look like.

The real question is what is stopping us?

The other day, being the Special Education Teacher I am, I was sitting with myself planning for the new school year, envisioning all the things I wanted to implement into my class room when I went back to school. As new and old ideas floated around my head, I realized something. The language my mind was using. 

"I want to..." 

Sure it isn't the worst thing I could say, but it wasn't the words that were hindering me, it was the tone my mind was reciting them in. A tone that placed anything after the phrase "I want to," as far away and ungraspable from being possible. 

I was putting my "I want to's" in a box on a shelf labeled, "One Day," and waiting for them to get dusty.

Is it crazy to think that WE could be keeping OURSELVES from achieving, experiencing, or feeling something great, just by the way we talk to ourselves internally?

No, because it is true. 

I don't want to wait for one day. I don't want to be old and find a dusty box and remember the things I wanted to do. 

Life is full of choices, and today I am choosing to change the fear inside me labeling my "I want to's" as possibilities, and remember that I have the power to take small actions today towards ANYTHING I want my life to look like. 

Just because you are where you are today, does not mean you cannot be working on your "want to's" tomorrow. Or better yet right now. 

What is an aspiration without aspiring? 

Identify what you want to do, change your energy around it, and take action today, so your "I want to's," are your reality tomorrow. 

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  • JUlie on

    Don’t wait! Take action, make your wants into dos! You have always had the best ideas and I love seeing them put into action. Keep moving forward and always be the change! I miss you 😘

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