More Love This Season

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Showing others you love them can be hard, especially when life is not easy.

Although this year has been less than normal, what we need more than anything is love. 

After some conversations with people, here are 5 core ways to show those around you that you LOVE them this season:

1. Contact!

There are so many unique options to contacting the ones you love this holiday season. Give them a call, send them a text, or go old school and send them a holiday card in the mail. The options and joy received from these are endless. 

Honestly, personalized cards in the mail are so rare now that they just add a little extra flair of care!

2. Cook!

Cooking food, sharing your homemade meal, or even baking some sweet treats and doing a delivery to your loved ones is a no brainer! People love food, especially during the cold holiday season.

Something about a home made meal just says, "I love you!"

3. Gifts!

Nothing beats a thoughtful gift. Whether you go out and buy the perfect gift that someone has been wanting, or make a thoughtful something, gifting items to people always is a way to show them you care. 

4. Music!

There is nothing better than spreading cheer than with music! There are so many options with this one! You can do drive-thru caroling, caroling over the phone, or even create a cute video to send out to those you love. 

I just received a call from my Uncle today with his own rendition of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," and it honestly made my day!

5. Delivery!

Last case scenario you cannot go wrong with insta-carting groceries that people need. So many of us only go out when we need to lately, fulfilling a grocery trip for someone you love could provide a kind relief to them this holiday season. On another note, UberEat-ing, GrubHub-ing, Postmate-ing, etc food to your loved ones' home is just as easy too!

Something about food never fails to show others you care!


Just remember, as cheesy as it sounds, love is all we need. 

Actions of love remind others that they are seen, heard, appreciated, and belong. 

More love could save the world. Let's practice it as the year comes to an end, and collectively keep these actions up into the new year. 

Happy Holidays, You Are Loved!!

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