Beauty: Doodle Thoughts

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You are beautiful.



Why is it so hard to feel like this all the time then?
We are constantly flooded with expectations of how our world defines “beauty.”

Physical beauty is what our material world thrives on.
Perfect skin, thin body, thick body, no hair, thicker hair, muscular, long legs...the list goes on and changes constantly.
It is exhausting. 

Why do we let these ever changing, unsolicited messages let us determine if we feel beautiful or not? Why do we go as far as to let them alter our self-image and worth?

Beauty is not correlated to what you look like today.

Beauty is not measured by physical perfection, but who you are as a whole being. Your mind, your soul, your actions, your body, your experiences, your growth, etc. 

No matter how your skin looks today, if you shaved your legs, if your pants fit a little funky, if your make up is on point, how your outfit looks, or if you just feel imbalanced...we need to remember that we are beautiful in every shape, form, and season of our life. 

2020 has been less than radical.

Now, more than ever, we need to remember to love ourselves.

Shower yourself with positive affirmations because you deserve it. 

Shine your light.

Give yourself grace and allow yourself to grow. 

Most importantly, remember that those "beauty standards" have nothing on the beauty that you truly hold within you. 

You are beautiful. Every single part of you. 

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