Living your life for YOU!

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“There is only one success, to able to spend your life your own way” -Christopher Morley 

On a daily basis we easily spend time doing things for other people rather than ourselves. From work, to cleaning the house, listening to a friend vent, or walking the dog; we give our energy to things that do not always necessarily line up with what we really truly want to be doing.

I, for one, am extremely guilty of this. I could easily let myself run around all day helping others, fixing issues, working for my boss longer than I should, doing house chores and never sitting down for a moment, unless I am eating a meal. Luckily I realized how unhealthy and actually non-helpful this is in my journey to living “my best life.” Because guess who is at the center of your life? YOU. You’re at the center, which means your joy matters most, whatever that may look like. 

For me, I have finally decided to start trying to surf again after years of putting it off because I kept telling myself “I did not have time.” Truth is I just was not making time. 

Cue me in on a surfboard in the ocean and here I am, full on embracing joy. It is crazy when you do things that you want to do, everything feels right in the world. If you know me, you know I love the ocean, but the fact that I was able to make a choice to do what I WANTED TO DO, for MYSELF, to feel JOY, that is a success for me. 

If I can take ownership and find space to spend my life the way I want, you can too!

Where do you want to expend your energy? Find time this week to start looking at how you can take daily steps to ensure you are doing things you would like to achieve. 

Commit to yourself, and live life for you!


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