Choice. Energy. Action.

Before you read this post, I ask you to be open to trying something new. 

Over the past couple of years I have listened to podcasts and a read variety of books pertaining to self-help strategies, mental game, energy frequency, one's inner ego, and the list goes on.

One of the biggest takeaways that has shown true in my life, and transformed my reality, is the concept of "Choice. Energy. Action."

Choice basically means that in life we constantly have choices. Our choices can range from what we choose to wear on a daily basis, all the way to what job we want to work, relationships we want to be in, or places we want to live. 

Energy comes into play as the concept of "what goes around, comes back around." On a day to day basis we each give off frequencies of energy and depending on the frequency we give out, that same energy will be present in our reality. Have you ever noticed that when you're in a really great mood things seem to just go your way? It's almost as your day feels aligned, everything feels good, and your positive energy just attracts more positive into your day. That is just it, it does. 

Action pertains to the steps we take in our life to achieve goals. For example, I want to get into a new schooling program, but I need to pass a certain test to receive admission in. So I begin the action of studying for the test to get one step closer to achieving my goal. You get the point. 

Choice, Energy, and Action does not have to be used in a certain order, but are 100% intertwined. You cannot make a choice to do something and expect it to happen without action, or have positive wishes to reach a goal without taking steps to achieve it.

In most cases, many of us come to the crossroads of needing to implement Choice, Energy, and Action into our lives because we want our reality to look or feel different. So how do we start?

First, we need to realize our lives are ever evolving, that we always have a CHOICE to make our reality look like anything we want it to be. Then, we need to focus our ENERGY POSITIVELY around that choice. 

And lastly, the fuel, we need to take ACTION towards the choices of change we want to make. Action is key because without it there is no movement to the reality that you desire. 

 Before I leave you, I want to share with you how this has become a very real concept in my life.

Flashback to Fall 2018, work was killing me. I was the teacher of a high behavior Special Education program at the time and I had some extremely hard students. Leaving me with high demands at work, stress induced anxiety, and me feeling like a whole different person across the board. 

I got to the point where I was over feeling stuck and miserable, I realized I have a choice. Either I quit my job or I change my mindset/ stress management strategies. 

If you know me, I love teaching kids with disabilities, it is my passion.

So I made the choice, stick it through.

I took actions to work on myself. I went to therapy, began practicing daily mindfulness, I re-routed my schedule to put my mental and physical well being first, and more importantly chose to change my energy and mindset around my daily life. I took steps to embrace joy at any corner I could. 

Everybody's story is different, but everybody wants a life they enjoy living in. 

Make a choice today for tomorrow, put your whole hearted energy into it, and do not stop taking action until it is your reality.

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