Becoming Change's Sidekick

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Everything in our world is constantly changing, including ourselves.

If this is true, why is change so hard for us to understand, live through, or even accept?

Picture this, you love your job, sure it has its days, but you love it. Then one day there is a shift, maybe you get a new boss with different expectations, or a new coworker with a personality you're not used to. This makes you stressed, maybe even anxious, and works feels different for you.

Or imagine a simple change. You meet up with an old friend to go out to dinner and find out they don't eat meat anymore. You find yourself wondering why, especially when they ate meat your whole life growing up.

No matter what the situation is, change can make you feel uncomfortable, lost, judgmental, lonely, not yourself, and the list of unneeded negativity can go on. 

Change is difficult because it is not comfortable. 

Whether it is in us, the people around us, or in our world.

The reality is change is positive, required, and necessary for growth. 

 And the truth is... until you begin welcoming change, change will always be difficult. 

Today, give yourself the gift of normalizing change.

Use it to your advantage. 

Accept it. Encourage it. Challenge it.

Let it push you to grow.

Be present with it.

And watch it do amazing things in your life. 

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  • Rodrick Lopez on

    Absolutely love it! Thank you for sharing Alysia!

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